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Frequently Asked questions

No, WONDERBOOM 3 is not backward compatible with other WONDERBOOM speakers. You can Double Up using 2 WONDERBOOM 3 speakers. 

Overall playtime depends on how you use your speaker, with things like the type of music and volume level all affecting the overall playtime. However, when played at roughly mid-volume, you can expect up to the listed hours of playtime from one full charge.

No, you can’t pair your WONDERBOOM 3 with other WONDERBOOM series. 

You can check the battery level of your WONDERBOOM 3 by pressing both the volume + and volume – buttons simultaneously. If you hear this tone, it indicates your battery level is high. If you hear this tone, it indicates your battery level is about half-full. If you hear this tone, it indicates your battery level is low.

If you’re having trouble with audio distortion or drop-outs on your WONDERBOOM 3, try these suggestions: – Move the audio source closer – it might be out of the range of your speaker. – Move away from other sources of wireless signal – you could be experiencing interference. Make sure your speaker has enough battery power (connect it to a power source with the supplied adapter). – Adjust the volume on both the audio source and your speaker. – Restart both your speaker and the audio source. – Re-pair your device with your speaker.

Out of the package, WONDERBOOM 3 is ready to pair with your first Bluetooth device. Here’s how: Turn on the speaker by pressing the power button on the top of the speaker. The power indicator will glow white, and the Bluetooth connect button will blink white rapidly. On your Bluetooth device, go to the Bluetooth menu and scan for devices (make sure Bluetooth is enabled). Select WONDERBOOM 3 from the list of devices. Once paired and connected, you’ll hear an audible confirmation from the speaker. This means your WONDERBOOM 3 is ready to use. You can pair multiple devices with your speaker. After the first Bluetooth device connected to your speaker, press the Bluetooth button to connect more additional Bluetooth devices. The speaker could stay connected to the latest two paired Bluetooth devices.

For Android, you can change the display name of your WONDERBOOM 3 in the Bluetooth device menu. Here’s how: Open the Bluetooth device menu. Locate your WONDERBOOM 3 and tap the Settings icon next to it. Tap Rename and then enter the new name for your speaker. iOS Device You can’t change the display name of your WONDERBOOM 3 in the iOS Bluetooth device menu.

You can reset your WONDERBOOM 3 back to its default, out of the box settings. Here’s how: Turn on your WONDERBOOM 3. Press and hold the Volume “-” and the Power button together for about 10-15 seconds. You will hear a tone to confirm the reset has completed. The WONDERBOOM 3 will turn off. When you turn it on again, it will be ready to pair.

Long press on the primary speaker center button which is playing the music. After hearing the sound effect of the primary speaker (music stop), then long press on the secondary speaker center button. To enter the true wireless stereo mode, press the center buttons of those two speakers at the same time under the double-the-sound / party louder mode, you will hear this confirmation tone. You could switch between 1st mode and 2nd mode by simply pressing two center buttons again.

While we encourage you to take your Ultimate Ears speaker wherever the party goes, we also want it to look great and last as long as possible. We highly recommend that you thoroughly rinse your WONDERBOOM 3 with fresh water after using it in a swimming pool or the ocean. Once clean, allow the speaker to air dry completely before charging it. While the speaker is waterproof, the chemicals and salt in your pool or the ocean can damage the waterproof seals over time if not rinsed off after use. The micro-USB charging cable included with your WONDERBOOM 3 is not waterproof. Never charge your speaker if the micro-USB port, charging cable or connectors are wet, dirty or damaged. Always charge your speaker with a clean, dry micro-USB connector. If you think your cable or connector has been compromised in any way by water or other contaminants, do not use it to charge your speaker.