How do I activate and use the Amazon Alexa feature?

Once you have the latest version of the BOOM 2 or MEGABOOM app and have updated your speaker, opening the app will walk you through how to activate the feature. If you’ve skipped this and are coming back to try the feature, try the steps below.

  1. In the app, go to Settings
  2. Find the Amazon Alexa feature and tap to activate it, you will have to enter your Amazon account information.
    Note: If you’ve previously used Google Assistant, activating the Alexa Voice Service will disable this feature, but you can go back to Google Assitant by signing out of Amazon Alexa.
  3. To use Alexa, just Tap and Ask (short press the Bluetooth button on your speaker) — You can use Alexa to listen to music from Amazon Music, iHeartRadio and TuneIn as well as get web search results such as sports scores, weather, reports, jokes and Flash Briefings.

NOTE: Click here for the latest Amazon Alexa information.

Here are some things you can try when listening to music:

To do this… After tapping the BT button, Say “Alexa,…”
Adjust the volume Volume up / down
Set the volume to level [number]
Hear details about the song currently playing What is this?
Who is this?
What song is this?
Who is this artist?
Stop the song currently playing Stop
Play songs or tracks Play
Go to the next or previous song* Next
Loop the music queue** Loop
Shuffle songs** Shuffle
Stop Shuffle
Repeat songs** Repeat

*Not Supported: TuneIn. In addition, Pandora and iHeartRadio do not support the ability to go back to the previous song or restart a song.

**Not Supported: TuneIn, iHeartradio, Pandora, Spotify Premium and Amazon Stations