For the speaker fabric, the material is delicate and easy to damage. If the material has dust or stain, we suggest gently using a soft brush or soft cotton towel to rinse it off with  fresh water and dry it completely with a soft cotton towel to avoid the water marks on it. Don’t scrub too hard with brushes to clean the speakers, as these can cause damage. 

Regarding top/bottom caps and spine, we recommend using a moist cotton towel to wipe and clear the surface most of the time. For the tough stain, you could clean it with a soft cotton towel with 75% ethyl alcohol. Ethyl alcohol is a mild solvent that won’t harm plastic, please do not use hand soap and other cleaners because they may contain surfactant that could cause the marks on the surface of caps and spine.

Taking proper care of your HYPERBOOM will help ensure good-looking and long-lasting performance.