Q: How do I use my speaker for phone calls?

A: Using the ULTIMATE EARS BOOM as a speakerphone

You can use your ULTIMATE EARS BOOM as a speakerphone once it’s turned on and connected to your cell phone. Here’s how:

  1. Make or answer a call on your phone.
    1. A. iPhone – You’ll have the option to take the call on your ULTIMATE EARS BOOM (speakerphone) directly on your phone. Select “audio source” from the In-call menu, then tap ULTIMATE EARS BOOM to use it as a speakerphone.
    2. B. Android – On most Android smartphones, the call will default to ULTIMATE EARS BOOM (speakerphone). Turn Headset mode off on your smartphone to take the call directly
  2. Adjust the call volume from either the phone or speaker.
  3. When you’re finished with the call, end the call on your phone.

NOTE: Skype may or may not work on a Bluetooth speakerphone. This depends on your smartphone’s make and model, and Skype settings.