Q: How do I use the “Double Up” feature of my ULTIMATE EARS speaker?

If you have two ULTIMATE EARS speakers, you can use them together to amplify your sound. Here’s how:

NOTE: Your BOOM must have the latest software version to Double Up with ROLL, MEGABOOM and BOOM 2.

With the app:

  1. Connect your first ULTIMATE EARS speaker to your device.
  2. Open the app (if you’re doubling up two different ULTIMATE EARS speakers, you can use any of their apps to Double Up) for your ULTIMATE EARS speaker and tap the “Double Up” icon then tap Start in the Double Up screen.
  3. Follow the steps from the app to Double Up your speakers.

NOTE: You can also use the app to “lock” the Double Up connection so when you power both of your ULTIMATE EARS speakers up, they’ll automatically reconnect in Double Up.

Without the app:

  1. Connect to the first ULTIMATE EARS speaker and turn on the second one.
  2. On the first, press both the Volume “+” and the Bluetooth connection button at the same time. You should hear a tone that confirms the speaker is ready to Double Up.
  3. On the second speaker, press the Bluetooth button twice. You should hear a tone confirming that it is trying to Double Up then another when the connection is successful.