Q: What should I do if the audio is distorted or drops out on my ULTIMATE EARS speaker?

If you’re having trouble with audio distortion or drop-outs on your ULTIMATE EARS speaker, try these suggestions:

  • Move the audio source closer – it might be out of the range of your speaker.
  • Move away from other sources of wireless signal – you could be experiencing interference.
  • Make sure your speaker has enough battery power (connect it to a power source with the supplied adapter).
  • Adjust the volume on both the audio source and your speaker.
  • Restart both your speaker and the audio source.
  • Re-pair your device with your speaker (see “How do I pair additional Bluetooth devices with my ULTIMATE EARS speaker?”).
  • If you’re using two ULTIMATE EARS speakers (in Double Up mode), try disconnecting and streaming to one speaker only.

NOTE: If you’re streaming audio content from the internet, the issue could be with the internet connection and not your speaker.