Q: Why did the volume steps change when I updated my ULTIMATE EARS BOOM? What is different?

A: Just like you, we use our ULTIMATE EARS BOOM all the time. The more we used it though, the more we started to feel that the jumps in volume at the lowest volume steps were too great. Specifically, it wasn’t always easy to find the ‘perfect’ volume–the music seemed just a little too loud or little too quiet. 

To fix this, we smoothed out the volume steps to make them a little closer together and we made the increases in volume more consistent. Whereas the first few of steps previously increased the volume by an average of 8 or 9 decibels, the volume increase in the first steps now averages closer to 5 decibels.

For you this means that finding the perfect volume for any song is now much easier. And don’t worry, this has no discernible impact on the max volume of ULTIMATE EARS BOOM; just in how you get there. And for inquiring minds, here is a chart that demonstrates the exact differences between the previous volume steps and the new volume step.