Troubleshooting WiFi issues

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

  • Place your speaker closer to the router — it could be out of your WiFi network’s range
  • Move your router and speaker away from other wireless signals (ex. Microwaves, cordless phones) — you could be experiencing interference.
  • Make sure your router and speaker aren’t in an enclosed area, such as a cabinet — this may weaken wireless signal strength.
  • Turn both your speaker and wireless router Off, then back on again.

Advanced Troubleshooting Steps

NOTE: For the following, you may need to access your router or network device’s setup pages. See your router’s documentation if you need help.

  • Make sure you’re entering the correct network information (ex. SSID (wireless network name and encryption password) during setup.

TIP: Some of these parameters may be long. For example, WEP128 has 26 characters. Enter this password carefully, or opt for a security type with a shorter password (ex. WPA has only an 8-character minimum).

  • If your SSID (wireless network name) is hidden, take care when entering this during setup. SSIDs are generally case sensitive and they recognize spaces in the text string.
  • Make sure your router and other network appliances have the latest firmware updates.
  • Try changing wireless channels. An area with heavy network saturation can cause problems with networks on the same channel.
  • If your network includes repeaters, range extenders and access points, try disabling these temporarily to ensure that your speaker is connecting properly to your main router.
  • If you have a dual-band router, make sure your 2.4ghz SSID and 5ghz SSID are different to prevent confusion between the devices while connecting.
  • If you have additional security settings on your router, try temporarily disabling them or configuring them accordingly.

Example: Some routers let you regulate connected devices using a unique device ID called a MAC address. IF only specified MAC Addresses are allowed to connect, your speaker may not connect properly.