Can I use my MEGABOOM with more than one device at a time?

Your MEGABOOM can have eight devices paired with it, and you can connect to two at a time. This lets you quickly switch to a second device to play audio without having to go through the connection process again. Here’s how:

  1. Connect the first paired device to your speaker by selecting it from the device’s Bluetooth menu.

NOTE: If you haven’t paired any devices, see “How do I setup my MEGABOOM” for help.

  1. Connect a second device to your speaker the same way you did in step #1.

NOTE: If you haven’t paired any additional devices, see “How do I pair additional Bluetooth devices with my MEGABOOM” for help.

  1. Once you have two devices connected, you can start playing audio from one of them.
  2. To switch and play audio from another connected device, pause the current one. Then, start playing the other.