Why won’t my Bluetooth device connect to my MINI BOOM?

Bluetooth device not connecting to the MINI BOOM

If your Bluetooth device won’t connect to your MINI BOOM, try the following:

Make sure your device is paired with your speaker and Bluetooth is active (see “How do I pair additional Bluetooth devices with my MINI BOOM?”).

Place your Bluetooth device closer to the speaker – it might be out of range.

Move your Bluetooth device and speaker away from other wireless sources – you could be experiencing interference.

If you have multiple MINI BOOM speakers, make sure you’re connected to the correct one.

The MINI BOOM can be connected to up to two devices at a time — make sure you don’t already have two devices connected.

Turn your MINI BOOM Off, and then back On again.

NOTE: If this is the first time you’re pairing a device with your speaker, you don’t need to press the Bluetooth connection button. It comes out of the box ready to pair.