Can I use NFC to connect my device to my MINI BOOM?

Pair your MINI BOOM using NFC (Near Field Communication)

Some smartphones and other devices are NFC-enabled. With them, you can use NFC to connect your device to your MINI BOOM. Here’s how:

1. Make sure NFC is enabled on your device (see your device’s documentation for help).

2. Turn on your MINI BOOM.

NOTE: You might need to place your speaker in pairing mode. Hold down the Bluetooth connect button (on top of the speaker) on your MINI BOOM until you hear a tone.

3. Hold your device near the top of your MINI BOOM directly over the Bluetooth connect button.

NOTE: If prompted by your device, confirm the pairing.

You’ll hear an audible confirmation from your MINI BOOM when the pairing is complete.

NOTE: Your MINI BOOM stays in a pairing state for 3 minutes. Be sure to try to pair using NFC within 3 minutes. If you’re unable to pair using NFC, see “Setting up MINI BOOM” to pair using Bluetooth.