Fitting the ULTIMATE EARS 900s earphones

Your ULTIMATE EARS 900s earphones come with an assortment of ear tips:

Comply™ foam tips

Silicone cushions

Comply™ foam tips

The ULTIMATE EARS 900s earphones include three pairs of foam tips. To fit your foam tips for maximum comfort:

Place a tip on one of the earphones and gently compress the foam with your fingers.

After the foam compresses, place the earphone in your ear and hold it in place for 15 seconds.

The foam will expand to make a custom fit.

The earphone is properly fitted if it holds in place after 15 seconds (if it falls out, repeat the process).

Repeat for other ear.

Silicone cushions

You can tell the cushions are properly fitted when the earphones:

Sit comfortably in your ear

Don’t fall out of your ear

Provide sound that is rich and full

To find your best fit:

Put a medium cushion on one of the earphones and then place it in your ear.

Gently move the earphone as you press it in to form a seal.

If the cushion feels:

Too large or bounces back out after you press it in, try a smaller size.

Too small, slips out easily, or loses sound quality quickly, try using a larger size.

NOTE: If you find that all cushion sizes fall out easily, try inserting them with your jaw slightly open.

Repeat for the other ear.

The optimal fit is usually found through trial and error. You may need to experiment over the first few days in order to find your ideal fit.

NOTE: Like feet, pairs of ears aren’t always the same size. You may find that using mismatched earpieces provides the best fit.