Can I use my MEGABOOM app to turn my speaker on and off remotely?

Yes, some smart devices (smartphones and tablets) come equipped with a newer technology called Bluetooth Smart (or Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE). This feature is required to turn your speaker on and off remotely within the MEGABOOM app.

Go to the following page to get a comprehensive list of Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready devices.

Bluetooth Smart

Note: This list may not contain all of the latest devices that are compatible with Bluetooth Smart. Refer to your device’s support documentation or contact your device’s manufacturer for more information.

Make sure Bluetooth Smart is on

  1. Connect your BOOM or MEGABOOM to your smart device
  2. Open the BOOM or MEGABOOM app (make sure you have the latest version of the app, check the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for the latest version of the BOOM or MEGABOOM App)
  3. Tap More, then Settings
  4. Find the Bluetooth Smart setting at the bottom of the screen and make sure it is set to “On”

Additionally, not all speakers will support this feature.


  • BOOM with firmware 8.1.121 or 7.1.133 and later


  • BOOM with firmware 6.8.58 or 5.8.58 and older