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Block Party lets you and your friends all play music through ULTIMATE EARS ROLL. Anyone that has joined Block Party can now hit play on their mobile device and their music will begin playing through ULTIMATE EARS ROLL.

To start a Block Party, tap the + sign in the app. Once the Block Party has started, tell your friends to find your ULTIMATE EARS ROLL in their mobile device’s Bluetooth™ settings.

You and up to 2 of your friends can join the Block Party.

If you want to add a new friend, simply kick out one of your current friends from the party by tapping the “X” next to their device’s name, and then a new friend can join.


ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM can simultaneously connect with up to two Bluetooth mobile devices.

Simply pair and connect each mobile device to ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM, then you can take turns playing music from each device.


Select the best Acoustic Profile for different occasions.

  • The Standard: The classic ULTIMATE EARS sound signature – best for most environments
  • Bass Jump: Rave, riot and party with enhanced bass
  • Cramped Spaces: Ideal for small rooms and hard floors / walls
  • Voices: Best for podcasts or movies

You can use ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM as an alarm to wake up to your favorite songs, playlists and more.

Select ‘Last Played’ to wake up to the last music played before the alarm rings.

Choose ‘My Library’ to wake up to specific songs store on your phone.


Your ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM can be used as a speakerphone.

When a call comes in to your connected smartphone, ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM will automatically pause the music.

You can answer the call from either the smartphone or by pressing the Bluetooth button on the ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM.


Connect two ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOMs together for bigger sound.

Use the Double Up option on the home page of this app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Or to Double Up without the app, simultaneously press the Bluetooth and + buttons on the speaker that is playing music. Then press the Bluetooth button twice on the speaker that you want to add.

Control the speakers independently from the Double Up section of this app.


The speakers will automatically Double Up the next time they are both powered on together.

To prevent “automatic” Double Up, toggle the “Double Up Lock” setting to OFF in the “Settings” section of this app.

You can also Double Up ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM with a ULTIMATE EARS BOOM that has been updated with the latest firmware.

Simply press the Bluetooth and + buttons simultaneously on the ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM.

Then press the Bluetooth button twice on the ULTIMATE EARS BOOM you want to add.




Once ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM is on and connected to your mobile device, just hit play to begin streaming your music.

You can control the volume from your mobile device, or directly from your ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM.


To pair ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM with your mobile device, press and hold the Bluetooth button until you hear the tone.

Go to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device and select ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM from the list.

For NFC-enabled devices, hold your device directly against the ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM, as shown, to pair and connect.


Power – ON / OFF

When powered on, ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM automatically reconnects to the last mobile device it was connected to.

ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM will automatically turn itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity to save battery life.

Power – ON / OFF

micro-USBWARNING! A wet or contaminated micro-USB connector may cause excessive heat or melting and may lead to fire damage or personal injury. Always charge your speaker with a clean, dry micro-USB connector.

3.5mm aux-in port

Tripod mount insert

Micro USB port

Charge LED

Check battery charge level by pressing the + and – volume buttons simultaneously.

ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM is made with lifeproof and waterproof materials. To wash, use warm soapy water.


Integrated weather door protects the 3.5mm aux-in port and Micro USB port.


Removable D-Ring reveals standard tripod mount insert.


Recharge ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM via the Micro USB port.


Use the included power supply and USB cable for quickest recharge.